A New Bus

4 07 2010

After 15 years with my first VW bus, I bought the second one today. I was always convinced I would never give up the old one. But this year it became clear it had developped rust in so many places that the complete fixing would cost more than buying a new old bus in much better condition. So today I went to check out a bus that a friend wanted to sell.  I was not very excited before, but thought I should check. And then there she was:  A 1976 T2b bus, windows all around, the body in beautiful condition, and most importantly: a very cool seventies color combination: Taigagreen and perlwhite. The engine was running, but not very smoothly. It is the 70 PS 2l engine, which means a hefty 40% more power than my beloved old vehicle. After an hour of looking into corners and discussing with my wife and with another Bus driving friend, we bought her. The plan: Get the engine checked and overhauled by a garage. Clean and rust protect all slightly rusty areas on the insides, then transfer the camper van furniture from the old to the new bus. This sounds like a good 3 months of work. At least.



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