And Here She is: Taiga Lily!

8 07 2010

Today, the new bus was delivered to a hall in East Berlin where I will work on her for the next few weeks. I actually forgot to take photos when we bought her. So here she is – Taiga Lily!

… with her proud owner.



5 responses

24 01 2011

Love the name!

24 01 2011

Hi Susan – great to hear from you! Best wishes from Berlin!

26 01 2011

Nice work on the blog, and my parents say hello. We all very much enjoyed our time in Berlin with the two best tour guides in the city! Very exclusive I’m told.

19 05 2012
Door Air Channels Added « Campervan Crazy

[…] we bought Taiga Lily in July 2010 the doors were completely stripped, without any glasses, window frames, handles and inner […]

4 06 2016
Happy 40th Birthday, Taiga Lily! | Campervan Crazy

[…] finally bought her in July 2010, partly disassembled and with an engine in very bad condition, but with a mostly rust-free body. […]

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