Cleaning and De-rusting the Insides.

3 08 2010

I have spent the last week of July and the  first week of August working on Taiga Lily. Removing the coverings from all walls showed that one of the previous owners had conserved all panel insides by painting them with engine oil. Very efficient in that there is still hardly any rust. Not very nice when this is now to become a campervan and thus our kitchen/bathroom/bedroom. So I moved from back to front through the interior and wiped and cleaned out all the engine oil. Before the new insulation and wooden covers will go onto these walls, I will protect them with sealing wax.


… and after the big clean.

I also attacked all floor panels with a wire brush on an electric drill, and coated the surfaces with rust converter, ground coat and perl white.

… and floor panel now also derusted and repainted.



2 responses

24 01 2011

Wow! What a difference the cleaning made. It seems like that must have been a big job!

13 07 2018
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[…] floor were still covered with the original plastic screws which I had painted over in 2010 when I de-rusted the back section. I think I was not even aware what they were at the […]

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