Progress at the Garage

9 10 2010

The guys at the garage have checked and fixed the brakes, took the engine out to weld a rusty patch between engine and battery department, welded new safety belt attachment points into the back of the car (the old ones were rusted through) and closed two holes in the floor of the back section. They also replaced the rubber seals at the axle drive shafts, and while the engine was out, it was cleaned, the valves were adjusted and the caburators were taken apart and cleaned. But they are still waiting for a repair kit with replacement seals to put the carburators back together.

Part of panel between engine and battery was rusted through, now replaced and resprayed

The engine is now cleaner and back in. But not yet running.

Initial state of attachment point for safetybelt back left, rusted through to wheel house

…and after fixing it: New attachment point welded in.



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