Severe Engine Problem

28 10 2010

The garage finally got the repair kit for the carburators and put them back in. The engine was running fine for 1-2 hours, then a loud rattling noise started. Did not sound good and did sound like serious internal engine damage. So the engine needs to be opened which would then be the point to do a full engine overhaul. I had hoped to get away without starting on the engine.

Added later: In December 2010, it became clear that the loud noise was caused by a piece of one of the two carburetors which had broken off and had dropped into the moving cylinder, baning around happily…



One response

13 04 2012
Carburetor Problem, Again… « Campervan Crazy

[…] – a piece of the carburetor which had broken off and hammered into the cylinder had caused the beginning of the end of the original engine, and later the carburetor had already flooded once. Anyway, the garage fixed the carburator needle […]

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