Completing the Front Doors and Rail Covers

2 01 2011

I have made some progress over the last few days. I had sanded and re-sprayed the cover panels for the sliding door rail and its counter part on the left side in perlwhite in October. Now I wax-coated them from the inside and put them back on the car. The sliding door rail itself was carefully freed from all paint, sanded and greased.

A major project on its own was the refitting of all the interiors and the seals of  the driver’s and passenger’s doors. What really saved my day was the brilliant workshop manual published in a German VW Bus discussion forum(Workshop for door refitting). Still it took me almost two days to get both doors into a close to complete state. I am still waiting for the felt-rails that hold and seal the main windows left, right and top towards the frame.  Ordered these the day before New Years Day from and will add them when they are delivered, hopefully in a few days.

The door parts before fitting them in. For the right quarterlight frame, I did not get a rust-free second-hand replacement part. I finally used a Brazilian frame, bought from, as seen in this photo (vertival bar made from aluminium) and replaced the vertical bar later with the chrome one from the original frame.

The naked window, before fitting in all seals and glasses…

… and after fitting (almost) all seals and window parts in.

Driver’s door at start (inside already soaked with wax)…

… and afterwards, with the inner cover panel already put in.



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19 05 2012
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