Engine and Oil Cooler Back In

5 01 2011

The garage is making progress. They started today and got the engine in and a new external Racimex oil cooler installed. They have built a beautiful base for the cooler, custom-made from a 3 mm thick stainless steal panel. It is mounted underneath the sliding door so that there is still room for an underfloor waste water tank on the other side.

CJ engine with additional hoses running to external oil cooler.

New external oil cooler, installed under the floor on sliding door side, as seen from the front.

Added June 2012: Here are some more photos and the installation sheet of the manufacturer. Hope this is helpful for anyone out there who plans to install a similar cooler on his or her bus.



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23 04 2012
Additional Instruments Installed « Campervan Crazy

[…] engine is running, and oil temperature at about 80°C after 30 mins of inner city driving. With the additional oil cooler that was fitted in January 2011, it should be easy to keep engine temperature at or below 100°C. […]

21 06 2012
First Long Ride on the Autobahn « Campervan Crazy

[…] on the Autobahn. High time as, for one reason or the other, the new engine, already delivered and installed in January 2011, was not really heavily used since then. It urgently needed to be driven in on a […]

5 07 2012

Belibt da kein luft im Olkuhler? Normal sind die kupplung am obersite.

5 07 2012

War mir gar nicht klar, war so von Werkstatt eingebaut. Auf jeden Fall scheint er erstmal zu funktionieren. Motor bleibt meist um 80°C, bei höheren Tempo bei 100°C. Werde aber beim nächsten Werkstatttermin mal nachfragen.

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