Hinges from Hell…

5 01 2011

The hinges for the lid of the engine compartment gave me a real headache. The original ones were lost in 2007 when the car was re-sprayed. The guy I bought the bus from bought me new ones in August and got them re-sprayed in Taiga Green/Sage Green in October. Last week I finally wanted to install them and get the lid finally back on the car. One would think it cannot be that difficult to get a hinge attached to a car – two screws to attach it to the lid and two for the body of the car. But in what ever way I tried, it would not open to the right angle.  I even removed the pins, put the two halfs together the other way around, and it all suddenly looked almost right. But then the lid was 2 cm too low on the car. Finally I cut off a few millimeters from one half of it with an electric grinder and it could open as required. Everything was finally on the car and looked good. I was happy. Then I opened it a second time and one hinge broke. This was when I gave up and ordered a new pair of hinges. They arrived yesterday and yes, they are that little bit different and actually do not have that annoying extra bit which I had to cut off from the old set. Today I dropped them off at the garage so that the guy can spray them in Taiga Green. If all goes well, I can end this chapter on Saturday.



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