Hiccups on the Way to TUEV

13 01 2011

In the last few days the garage has fine-tuned the new engine which then ran well and started smoothly, both from cold and warm state. The guy at the garage has also fixed and partly rebuilt the pieces in the hot air tubing system which connect the left and right heat exchangers at the engine to the big tube that brings the hot air to the front of the car. They contain the flaps that can be opened from the dashboard to switch on the heating. Also, the freshly sanded and powder-coated wheels are on and look brilliant, including freshly polished hub cups. And the last seals for the driver’s and passenger’s doors, the felt rails which guide the windows left, right and at the upper end, have arrived and I have put them in. And the seal for the sliding door is in. And finally the new hinges for the engine lid have been re-sprayed in taiga green and we put the lid back on the car this morning. So till this afternoon everything looked good and the big day was scheduled for tomorrow – when Taiga Lily would undergo her first TUEV examination in her new life. Then the garage rang to say that one of the caburators has drowned. They are working on it. And TUEV tomorrow becomes more and more unlikely again.

On top I found out that a car which is de-registered for more than 7 years in Germany has to undergo a more in-depth technical inspection then the regular one every two years. And guess what, Taiga Lily was taken off the road 7 years and 10 months ago. So once the carburator problem is solved, the TUEV check will probably be more thorough, and certainly more expensive than expected. Let’s see what happens.



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13 04 2012
Carburetor Problem, Again… « Campervan Crazy

[…] had caused the beginning of the end of the original engine, and later the carburetor had already flooded once. Anyway, the garage fixed the carburator needle valve and exchanged the oil, and things are fine […]

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