Slowly Getting There

15 01 2011

I used this Saturday morning to get some more small things sorted. Now the glove box and the ash tray are put into the dashboard, the seal for the driver’s door is in, and the light for the number plate in the back is connected. The driver’s cabin now looks pretty complete, though still a bit dirty and dusty. Will take care of that when she is back home again. The speedo reads 79810 kms. It is a bit of a shame that I have no idea whether this is more 179810 or 279810 km. But with the new engine, at least that is back to 0 km.
I also took some snapshots of the engine lid back in – so the back of the car looks finally complete – and of one of the freshly powder-coated wheels. The garage is optimistic to get the TUEV examination over with on Monday.

Cabin restauration in full swing (August 2010) ...

... and slowly getting complete in January 2011.




One response

25 01 2011

I love the picture of the dash dials with the leather wrapped steering in the foreground.

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