Number Plates, Here We Go!

22 01 2011

Taiga Lily got her new number plates today. Not yet sure whether the front one should go above the front bumper (which would be the original position) or onto the front bumper (which would be the place if the spare wheel would go to the front). The Berlin Volkswagen dealer could not yet locate a new fuel pump.



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24 01 2011


24 01 2011

Hey – it looks great well done!

24 01 2011

Great! 🙂 Well done, Taiga Lily and owners 🙂

24 01 2011

Cool – thanks! 🙂

24 01 2011

The bus looks great, esspecially the polishing, so shiny!

24 01 2011

it looks fantastic!! When your done, throw her on a boat and ship her over to Oz for me…

24 01 2011

Fantastic work Dr H! She looks marvellous, can’t wait to hear tales of your first adventures on the road!

1 09 2016
Tom izzo

What year is it

1 09 2016

It’s from 1976. There is a 40th birthday blog post in May 2016 🙂

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