Fuel Pump Problems

28 01 2011

It turns out getting the leaking fuel pump fixed is not that easy. Had I still the smaller 50 PS engine, it would be buying a 25-Euro replacement pump, getting it installed and bingo. But for the 70 PS engine the originally mechanical fuel pump is not available anymore. So I need an electronic one. Which I am told should be supplemented with some electronic safety mechnism to make sure the pump stops pumping when the engine stops. Which is of critical importance in an accident situation. Now that the garage found all this out, the parts are ordered but have not yet arrived. So the first ride with Taiga Lily on the ring road around Berlin has to wait for another week. Bummer.

To keep your spirits up, here are some pictures from a trip to the North Cape.

Tea break on the way through Latvia.


Campervan Meeting at the North Cape.


Midnight sun on the 10th of July.



5 responses

29 01 2011

Is there going to spare tire on the front of the Tiaga Lily?

29 01 2011

A great read!

29 01 2011

At the moment I thought of not putting the spare wheel on the front. I love the adventure-type impression it creates. But I now also like the simple look of the “naked” front. I bought the missing VW sign som weeks ago and will glue it on the front in a few days.

30 01 2011

When is Taiga Lily coming to Hessen? Any plans yet?

19 04 2013
Norwegian Sleeping Beauty | Campervan Crazy

[…] This photo dates from August 1990 when I was on the way through Northern Norway to the North Cape, the most Northern point in Europe. Rainy day on the Vesterålen, a chain of islands in front of the Norwegian coast. A late split-window that seemed to have been parked to die a slow death, with head lights, indicators and wing mirrors already taken off. Today this would probably be considered a great starting point for a restoration and would certainly sell for lots of money. At the time, kombi mania had not yet hit me. We were travelling in a Fiat Panda and camped in a tent along the way. But the first contact was already made: A year before I had met a friend who had just rebuilt a bay window panel van into a campervan. Five years later I would buy my first kombi, a panel van as well, and start rebuilding it into a campervan. Which I thought would take one or two months and which finally took five or twelve years, depending on whether kitchen block mark I (from 2000) or II (from 2007) would count as campervan-worthy. With the first kitchen block I actually made it to the North Cape again in 2006, this time in our Old Lady. […]

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