Feb 18, 2011: Taiga Lily’s First Ride

18 02 2011

Today was the day! Finally everything worked (well, almost everything) and I drove her home from the garage to pick up DrJ, my lovely wife and co-sponsor of this campervan adventure.  Everything working did not include the heating which anyway is not one of the strong points of old VW buses. But being used to VW buses for 10 years, DrJ left the house well prepared with woolen hat, gloves and a blanket. So off we were and onto the highway. After using modern cars for 6 months I had mostly forgotten how bad the drive is in a 34 year old car. Brakes work only when you really hammer them, and the engine reacted pretty reluctantly to any request for speed, with a pathetic top speed of 85 km/h on this very first ride. On the other hand it was great to finally drive a bus again.  Turns out something with the ignition timing still has to be adjusted, and the air tubes have to be added in the engine bay to get the minimal in-built heating going. So after a first stop at a petrol station and 40 km on the highway, Taiga Lily went back to the garage for another week of improvement. While we explore Barcelona. More in a week!



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19 02 2011

Congratulations on your first ride!

19 02 2011


19 02 2011
Dr S


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