Lesson 1: When Putting Car in Storage, Fill Tank…

13 03 2011

Last weekend Taiga Lily first ran very well, but then stopped as if the engine had run out of petrol.  Embaressingly this happened in the left lane in evening rush-hour traffic in the middle of Kreuzberg. Two gentlemen helped us to push her to the side of the road. After a few minutes she started again and we got home without further help. Next day the ride became strangely bumby, again as if the engine would occasionally not get enough fuel. The garage found out the filter between tank and fuel pump was blocked. They replaced it and also replaced all the rubber tubing between tank, fuel filter, fuel pump and engine. And to make sure the new fuel pump was not causing the problem, they also replaced its electrical connections with wires with a larger diameter and repositioned the pump so that it is now below tank level and should always be filled with fuel.

When I picked her up today everything was great. But later on I had another breakdown which then miraculously resolved itself after a few minutes. The current idea is that the tank itself may be the problem. The bus was stored for several years with an almost empty tank. Rust on the inside may now block the filter. Best case would be that we have to change the filter a few more times until all dirt is gone. Worst case I have to get the tank itself replaced. Which, with this generation of VW buses, means the engine has to go out first. Expensive.

On the bright side, I ran Taiga Lily through a car wash today and spent a sunny spring afternoon polishing the remaining spots of dirt away. From the outside she now really looks as if straight from the production  line. For the next 1000-2000 km the new engine needs to be broken in. So I did a 170-km-half-circle around Berlin and carefully let her sail between 75 and 100 km/h.

All polished and shiny after her first bath.


Today there was an explosion in a reactor building at a nuclear powerplant in Fukushima in Japan. After yesterday’s earth quake and Tsunami. It is not yet clear whether a nuclear meltdown has already started or can still be stopped. In the German news they say there are 35 million people in the Greater Tokyo area which is only 240 km from the reactor. This is very frightening.



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