The Old Lady is Still Alive

22 03 2011

Two months after her road-worthy certificate had run out in May 2010, I drove our old campervan into storage and put her aside for good. Engine and clutch had not been at their best at that point. When in September the engine refused to start altogether, I sadly accepted the fact that the old lady had reached the end of her first life.

Autumn and winter passed and last Sunday I finally got around to fill the tank for long-term storage. And realized it had simply been almost fully empty. After a minute of trying to start her, the engine fired up again and the old lady started moving! I could not take her out on the street, so for the next ten minutes I happily drove in circles in the large backyard of the workshop. And realized how very heavy the old bus actually is, with my super stable self-made camper conversion. Will keep that in mind and build the conversion for Taiga Lily with lighter wood and more simple constructions.

When she was younger than today... (May 2009)



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