First Camping Weekend (Almost)

18 04 2011

Long time no blog entry. What happened in the meantime: The first days of April in Berlin were predicted to be sunny and dry, and we started to get ready for the first camping weekend with the new bus. The interior is far from being ready, but we thought to just throw a mattress in the back and put our camping gear in the annex. This fine plan was ruined by the problem with the tank. A week before Taiga Lily ran well for 300 km around Berlin, but then she stopped three times on the last 1.5 kilometers back to the workshop. Now, on a test drive Thursday night before the camping weekend, she first drove smoothly, for most part of a round around the block. Then on the last 200 meters the engine stalled several times and she finally gave up altogether, just 100 meters before the hall. We had to tow her back into her parking place with another car. This all looks very much like a partially blocked fuel line/fuel filter, caused by dirt or rust from the tank. So that weekend we ordered a small car from our car sharing organisation (stadtmobil), booked a mobile home at the camp site and in the end had a beautiful sunny and relaxing weekend at our favorite camp site at the Schwielochsee in the Spreewald, 100 kms south east of Berlin. Just a bit of a shame that Taiga Lily is still not ready yet.



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