Back to work again

27 06 2011

So, long time no blogging. What happened in the meantime: In mid May Tiger Lily came back from Boxershop, now with a new petrol tank, with a working tank gauge and better adjusted valves. But on the way back and while standing on a trailor, a stone must have hit the wind screen: The tempered safety glass first cracked and a few kilometers later came partly crushing into the driver’s cabin. The new windscreen, now up-to-date laminated safety glass, will take about 6-8 weeks to be made and delivered.
For the rest of May, I had no time to do any further work. In June we cleaned out the remainings of the wind screen and I also took the dash board out one more time, to get rid of some rust that was visible underneath the seal. Now, as one might have expected with a 35 year old car, there was more rust than we had initially thought. Probably the perfect way would have been to cut out the front mask left and right under the windscreen and weld in 2 to 3 cms of a replacement panel.  But at that point I had run out of patience. No more new sub projects. Taiga Lily needs to be back on the road and on a camping site this summer. So I went the faster way, closed the rusty patches with body filler, and yesterday sanded it down to a nice and smooth surface. Next step will be re-spraying it and then getting the windscreen back in.

Sad view...

Rust under the wind screen seal...

… and after treatment with filler and sanding.



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28 06 2011

Do you have your camping trip planned out? Sounds like fun!

29 06 2011

We will go to campsite at a local lake, for the last week of July. With Taiga Lily not yet functional as a camper van, we booked a mobile home on the camp site. Still looking forward very much to this break…

15 06 2014
Beautifying Taiga Lily | Campervan Crazy

[…] the dash board finally put back in (never got around to do that after buying the bus in 2010 and replacing a broken windscreen in 2011). Aged black plastic covers for the air vents on the dashboard replaced by new parts (from […]

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