Changing dashboards

10 07 2011

I decided to swap the dashboard, together with oil temperatur gauge and battery voltmeter, from the old bus to the new bus. Will probably also swap the wind screen wiper motor. The dashboard removal allowed to clean the front panels and to have a look at the back of instrument panels. They carry date stamps. With the old bus, it fits to the manufacturing date of the car. For Taiga Lily someone seems to have fitted a 1979 instrument into the 1976 bus.

The old bus without the dasboard.

Dashboard from the old bus.

The main instrument block of Taiga Lily (upper one, VW clock on the left) and of the old bus (with a clock I had added in 1995).



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23 04 2012
Additional Instruments Installed « Campervan Crazy

[…] untouched and put it into the Old Lady, and instead move her old dashboard over into Taiga Lily. I swapped the boards already last year. Now I finally got around to re-install the gauges. So here we go – this is […]

13 05 2012
Late Bay Instrument Wiring « Campervan Crazy

[…] wheel left in place. I took the instruments out now several times within the last year because I switched dashboards between my two buses. Interesting: Volkswagen stamped production dates on their instruments. And […]

9 09 2012

Have you taken off any wires to the back of the instrument panel? I can see just one attached still – is that the only one? I’m dreading taking mine out with the mass of wires I think are attached!

9 09 2012

I actually took them all off. I took some photos before and also added a label with a number to every single wire and then draw a scetch of the back of the instrument panel where I noted which wire with which color and with which number goes to which socket. Make sure you rather take some more photos than less. If there is any uncertainty when you want to put it all back together in a couple of days or weeks, it is good to have more photos to confirm that everything is back in its place…

9 09 2012

Also make sure you disconnect the battery when you start taking cables off.

22 11 2013
More Switches! | Campervan Crazy

[…] auxiliary heating system and one for the rear window heating. I had taken both out when I fully stripped the dashboard in July 2011 and had replaced it with one less damaged around the radio slot. Since then I had never […]

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