Doors sealed, speakers and radio wiring in

17 07 2011

I attached a layer of plastic under the door panels, to protect them from water from the inside of the door. Also bought two speakers to fill the wholes someone had cut into these panels, and got all the cables in to fit the radio over the windscreen, in the middle of the ceiling.

Layer of plastic fitted in the driver’s door.

Door panel put back in place and new speaker fit in.

Taiga Lily minus dashboard and wind screen wiper motor, with wiring for radio dangling from the ceiling.



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19 05 2012
Door Air Channels Added « Campervan Crazy

[…] handles and inner mechanisms. I put them together again in December 2010 and added the speakers in July 2011. What was still missing were the air channels which direct the warm air from under the dashboard […]

2 07 2012
Radio Finally In « Campervan Crazy

[…] already in December 2010, had pulled all the cables for the speakers, antenna and 12V connection through the A column up to the roof in July 2011 and had sealed it all off with a roof panel in November 2011. At that time without […]

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