Floor finally in, and roof rack installed.

3 08 2011

Things are moving forward. They better be as the 4th Berlin VW Bus Meeting will start in 2 days and we are meant to be there tomorrow night to help preparing everything. So what has happened: The roof rack was sanded and repainted and put on the bus, together with the box (Fig. 1). Unfortunately Figure 1 also shows a distinct lack of front screen. Due to a mix-up between VW Classic Parts and UPS the missing rubber seal for the windscreen was in the mail for 9 days and will probably be delivered only tomorrow. To make sure we can actually go to the VW Bus Meeting by bus, a guy from VW Classic Parts delivered a second copy of the seal tonight to our door. Made me very happy. Now we can put the windscreen in tomorrow morning, then put the dashboard back in, and hopefully everything works and we can drive Taiga Lily to the meeting tomorrow night…

Figure 1: Taiga Lily for the first time with roof rack and roof box

As a basis for the bed-bench construction and the kitchen block in the back, I put in a layer of insulation mates and on top a board onto which I had glued a lino-like floor covering yesterday (Figures 2-4). I also started to fill in polystyren boards and polyetethylen insulation mats (Reimo Xtreme) into the wall opposite the slidung door (Figure 5), and started to clean the oil-covered interior of the sliding door (Figure 6).

And a first test with the radio showed that all wiring and connections to the speakers and antenna worked! I still need to build the board for the radio above the driver’s seat. But it is good that everthing works.

Figure 2: Floor of main room, newly painted last August.

Figure 3: Reimo Xtreme insulation mat in place.

Figure 4: Board with lino-like floor covering in place.

Figure 5: Insulation of side wall in the making.

Figure 6: Sliding door interior, left half already cleaned.



4 responses

10 09 2012

why clean the door of the oil? It protects it from rust right?
I would spray it with ML tectyl or Mike Sanders wax again, especially on the seams from the inside.Or maybe I don’t get it…. Like your site!!!

11 09 2012

In principle you are right, but I want to use the bus as a camper van, so did not want to have the smell and chemicals of the oil in my bedroom and kitchen… Was a bit afraid I would not get the smell out anyway but now, 2 years later, and with all walls cleaned, insulated and covered with plywood panels, the “old car”/oil smell is gone.

11 09 2012

Thanks for the liking 🙂

27 06 2013
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[…] how I will fix it to the floor, now that I have covered the fixation points thoroughly with my nice floor plate. I guess all this will have to wait for a while, but it is good to have the piece […]

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