Sliding door interior completed

21 08 2011

Now the interior of the sliding has been cleaned from engine oil, the lower insides have been re-sprayed with wax and filled with Xtreme insulation mates, and the new plywood cover is fixed in place.

Inside of sliding door cleaned from dirt and oil.

Insolation mats glued in with double-sided sticky tape.

Plastic foil taped on as moisture barrier

All closed with the new plywood cover panel.



4 responses

12 03 2012

Please could you tell me what you used to secure the plywood sliding door panel to the van? As i would like to do this with my VW.

Many thanks Chris

15 03 2012

Hi Chris, sorry that it takes me so long… What I did is I drilled holes through the wooden panel and into the metal and than used sheet metal screws with certain washers to attach the panel. The German name for the washers is “Rosetten”… Just look better than normal washers, and you also see them often in mobile homes/buses/caravans. I will take some photos from different screws and washers and will post them or send them to you at the end of next weekend.

16 03 2012

Ok that would be great if you could send more photos of the screws and washers.We have found some Chrome headed door clips from Just but they are £10.50p per pack of 15 so this would work out to be expensive as we would need lots of packs to do the whole van.

Many thanks Chris

18 03 2012

Dear Chris, I did not make it to the garage this weekend, will get some snapshots of the screws etc. in the next few days. Sorry for the delay.

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