All is ready for the “Classic Car Exam”

22 11 2011

Today I finally completed the ceiling above the driver’s seat. I cut a card board to fit the bent ceiling, then used that as template to cut the same form out of white high density fiber plate (as a cheaper alternative to plywood). With the idea to replace the piece with plywood if it looks alright in the end. I had this section of the roof already insulated four days ago (see below and click here for more). It was not easy to bend the fiber plate to the varying degrees of curvature of the roof. The final result is not perfect but ok. The cleft to the plywood panel in the back section of the car still needs to be covered with a small band of plywood. Now the bus is complete enough to present it for registration as a classic car.

Ceiling insulated with two layers of Reimo Xtreme mats.

And with white panel in place.



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2 07 2012
Radio Finally In « Campervan Crazy

[…] the speakers, antenna and 12V connection through the A column up to the roof in July 2011 and had sealed it all off with a roof panel in November 2011. At that time without building the radio in because Taiga Lily […]

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