Nerdy VW Bus T-Shirts…

27 11 2011

Some time ago I realized I have more VW bus T shirts than non-VW bus T shirts. Slightly frightening. Perhaps I am overdoing this kombi thing a bit. But seeing that the first ones are now about to die from being washed too often, I am going to preserve them all for eternity in this blog. Here is the first one. I got it as a present in 2005 and still really like it.

Here is a similar shot of our Old Lady in full travel gear, with Leon Dogwonder in the window. Taken 2006 on a ferry in Lithuania, going to the Kurian spit.



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14 12 2011
Drew Domkus

i too am a big vw bus fan and have quite a few shirts. another way to keep them longer is when they’re past able to be worn, cut out the artwork and stretch them in a frame and hang it on the wall.

14 12 2011

Very good idea! Will try it very soon with the first two dying T shirts.

2 02 2016
Denise Stephens

There’s another VW t-shirt you need to check out:

My husband and I have a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon!
Keep On Truckin’!

17 02 2016

Cool! Thanks for dropping by!

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