VW Bus in Men at Work’s “Down Under”

1 12 2011

In preparation of our trip to Australia in a few days, here is a snapshot of one of my best VW bus memorabilia – a stamp of the Australian post office from 2001, celebrating the 20-year-anniversary of the song “Down Under” from Men At Work. Which makes this year the 30-year-anniversary. I got the stamp as a present from DrJ some nine years ago. The stamp features a T1 VW Bus and a vegemite sandwich, citing the lyrics and the video of the song. Click here for a Youtube version of the song. Unfortunately, the original video is not on YouTube anymore, apparently thanks to Sony’s license policy. But there is a cover version that copies the video as well, including a T2b kombi – kind of cute (click here). I will add a snapshot of the karaoke version of this cover video. The song actually starts with “Traveling in a fright-out combie…”.

2001 Australian stamp, commemorating 20 years of the song.

Snapshot from YouTube cover version of Men At Work's Down Under, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DS40glCa8I



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