The Old Lady shipped to her winter quarters

2 12 2011

Yesterday I got the Old Lady shipped over to the garage. She was parked out in the open in a backyard since August. She is not registered anymore, so I had to have her moved by a tow truck. But the engine did start and she made the final meters into the garage on her own. Now she is nicely parked away in a dry and safe place, together with Taiga Lily.

On the tow truck, again...

Both buses tucked away in the garage.



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23 04 2012
Additional Instruments Installed « Campervan Crazy

[…] more and more money into the bus, I decided to take both instruments from the Old Lady, currently in storage and waiting for better times, and transplant them into Taiga Lily. Taiga Lily actually came with a second brand new dashboard […]

8 03 2015
Sleeping Beauties | Campervan Crazy

[…] is not starting anywhere within the engine block. I last started the Old Lady’s engine when I relocated her into this garage on a tow truck which is almost three-and-ahalf years ago. To my relief, the engine still turns over […]

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