Australian Sunliner Campervan

29 12 2011

Here is a VW T2b campervan from a company called Sunliner Campmobiles. Seems to be an Australian equivalent to e.g. Westfalia in Germany. They still exist (here is their webpage), are based in Melbourne and have started in 1974. Which would roughly coincide with this T2b campervan we saw yesterday in Foster in Gippsland, South Victoria, just north of Wilsons Promontory. Beautiful condition. Some interesting features: Stable and more modern looking bases for the wing mirrors. External electricity inlet in the back right corner, above the air inlets for the engine compartment. Have seen this already in other buses in Australia, but not yet in Germany. Massive bull bars front and back. I saw another Sunliner in April 2011 in Melbourne, click here and scroll down to the end of the blog entry for some pictures of that one. Features the same bull bars, but not the stable bases for the wing mirrors.



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