Awesome Unimog Camper Truck

8 01 2012

Now this is an awesome camping truck. Spotted last September in Berlin. Admittedly not a VW bus. But if I was ever unfaithful to the kombi, it would be to a Unimog. Unimog is an acronym for Universal Motor Device (German “Universelles Motor Geraet”), developped in post-war Germany in the 1940ies and manufactured by Mercedes since 1951. This model here looks like a Unimog 406, so one of the rounder models which I love most. According to Wikipedia (click here), the 406 series was built between 1963 and 1988. This one seems to be fully equipped for offroad expeditions. It has an H registration, so is registered as a historic vehicle (older than 30 years and in mostly original condition). Fantastic! If you want to learn more about Unimogs, there is an museum in Gaggenau, Germany. Click here for their web page.



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29 04 2012
Another Cool Unimog Camper Truck « Campervan Crazy

[…] Motor caravan. So it’s about 30 years younger than the amazing Unimog 406 camper truck I had blogged about in January. The stickers on the side say the conversion was done by Hartmann Spezialkarossen (from Alsfeld, […]

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