One Man and his Campervan

14 01 2012

Australia is VW bus lover’s heaven. Not only are there still many kombis on the road, but they also keep popping up on TV. A week ago we flicked through the TV stations and ran into “One Man and his Campervan”. I had never heard of this show before. Turns out it is a cooking program crossed with a UK travel show, and basically all happens in and around a red and white VW campervan. The chef and campervan owner is Martin Dorey from Devon. Great fun to see him exploring the different parts of Britain in his kombi, finding local food specialties on the way and cooking them in the evening on his campervan stove. The series apparently started broadcasting in the UK in February 2011. Find out more about the show on the BBC web page (click here ). This page also links to an blog entry by Delboy1969 (click here) which provides much more background information and beautifully captures the passion and fun the show radiates – have a look yourself! Martin Dorey now has his own blog on cooking in a campervan – also really worth having a look at. Click here to get there.

Screen shot of TV series "One Man And His Campervan", broadcasted in Australia on Jan. 5, 2012.

Screen shot of TV series "One Man And His Campervan" broadcasted in Australia on Jan. 5, 2012.

Photo from the BBC web page (

The campervan is a T2b, so from 1972 – 1979. Martin seems to have attached a more modern shiny chrome VW emblem to the back lid. The pop-up roof opens sideways, so is not hinged at the back or front as the Westfalia campervans in Germany. Could be a Dormobile. Here is another web page referring to Dormobile campervans, with some nice pictures and background information on their VW campervan conversions over the decades (click here).



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