VW Bus Repair Manual

18 01 2012

I once read that with an older car, one should get whatever repair manuals are still available. Where one manual has gaps, another one may provide more details. So here is one I just bought in Geelong, Australia: “The Volkswagen 1700/1800/2000 1972-1979 Transporter Automotive Repair Manual” by J.H. Haynes and K.F. Kinchin, Haynes North America, ISBN 0856966142. It was first published in 1975, with this being the reprint from 1989. Apparently only these three engine types were exported to the USA. So the book covers the 2L/70 HP engine of Taiga Lily but not the 1600cc/50 HP machine of the Old Lady. Nice introduction: “Whether it is a caravan providing splendid holidays, a fire tender, a station wagon, or a work horse delivery van or pick-up, the Transporter is a good tempered, hard-working, reliable vehicle which will grace any car park.”



One response

20 01 2012

For old books like these, abebooks.com is fantastic. As a side note I often find a good book (e.g. children’s science book) at a second hand sale, then find more of the series on abebooks.com.

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