Australian Roo Bars

20 01 2012

The likelihood of colliding with large wildlife on Australian roads is probably pretty high, most likely with kangaroos or wombats. That’s why a lot of people protect their cars with bull bars or kangaroo bars, short “roo bars”. You see these on many normal cars and pick-up trucks and also on campervans. It seems that in the seventies, the bay window campervans featured bars made from relatively modest steel tubes, such as these ones:

But even for T2s one occasionally finds more massive versions such as these ones – wonder whether they were added later?

In the eighties and nineties, more sturdy looking constructions seem to have become standard, such as these on two T3 buses. Note that sometimes the roo bar includes a reinforced front bumber which protects or replaces the original front bumper.

Finally, here is a T5 high-roof people carrier which features a more modern and shiny version which nevertheless is quite massive, too. In the end all of them will not help much if the kangaroo decides to jump and hits the car above the bar and in the windscreen. Best to drive slower and more carefully when travelling on country roads in the early morning, at dusk and in the night when kangeroos are active and accidents are most likely. Click here for a link to more information on kangeroo accidents and how to avoid them.

Added March 17, 2012: To complete the Type 2 generations, here is a T4 with a massive roo bar, spotted at the end of Fenruary in Geelong, Australia.



5 responses

6 01 2013
Beautiful Australian Late Bay « Campervan Crazy

[…] new paint job. Could be reef blue (L57H). Comes with one of the heavier versions of the various roo bars, with attachment points for the spare wheel in its center. The pop-up roof is none of the European […]

24 04 2013
Robin Ginever

we want an Australian type roo bar for our VW type 2 campervan to buy in the UKI can you help

1 05 2013

Dear Robin, sorry for the late reply. There is a Volkswagen bus discussion board called The Late Bay where members seem to be mainly from the UK. Occasionally people post that they sell or would like to buy Australian roo bars, so this could be a good starting point for you. Here is a thread where they also refer to my roo bar post: Hope this helps! Best wishes, Roman

27 04 2014
1977 Australian Sapru Campervan | Campervan Crazy

[…] set-up with fridge and cooker behind the passenger seat, similar to the Westfalia Helsinki set-up. Aussie roo bar with spare wheel at the front, and a rain water drain tube attached to the roof rack, as practical […]

25 01 2015
Rio De Janeiro Box Truck Kombi | Campervan Crazy

[…] The bull bar seems to be attached only to the front bumper. Looks a bit less stable than the roo bars in Australia which are bolted to the main frame under the van. Also note the vintage VW bug parking directly […]

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