The Australian “Bier Doktor”

25 01 2012

Here comes something like a local celebrity of the Geelong kombi scene. A late T1 panel van in perfect condition, advertising “The Beer Doctor” in German. It seems most T1 owners in Australia have safari windows fitted at the front. Must be nice in the current very hot summer temperatures. Wind screen wipers not folded down but taken off for this sunny day. Air vents in the back located higher than with the T1 window buses. Probably panel van-specific. Seems the one set of air intakes supplies both the engine compartment and the cargo area with fresh air. The doors for the back section feature a depression that makes sense only if they were on the other side (would then allow door to fold over the handle of the front door). Could be that these doors were produced only for the left hand drive markets and then used “the other way around” for right hand drive models. Judging from the back lid (already same as with the T2s from 1967 onwards) this T1 is one of the last models, from between 1964 and 1967. What a fantastic vehicle!



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24 07 2013

Hi mate You get around a bit just spotted my bus by chance on your site The vents are high in all Australian made buses because of the dust
Kombis are known as T2 T1 is a bug but it does get confusing when they introduce the “wedge kombi1980+ ” as a T3
There is also a Type 3 sedan
Love your enthusiasm for the humble bus rock on

Cheers Doc

26 07 2013

Hey, great you found the post! Hope you liked the pictures. Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, I am a bit fanatic about the humble VW bus… 🙂 My wife is from Geelong, so we will be in Geelong again, probably next year. Perhaps we can meet on a beer? Best wishes from Berlin! Roman

26 07 2013

Beer ??? you mean Bier ha ha of course always up for cold one
I organise a Geelong volks event in early October every year makes sure your visit is then


5 04 2015

Just for reference a the Type 1 is a beetle and Type 2 is a Transporter, Kombi Microbus, or Bus. The transporter is then divided into T1 (splitty), T2 (Bay), T3 (Vanagon in the US), all aircooled, then T4 and on were watercooled

5 04 2015

Yes, all agreed. Did I mix sth up somewhere in this post? Best wishes, Roman

27 12 2017

VW have caused confusion by their ‚revisionist‘ naming of the Type 2 (split & bay window) and T25 (wedge-shaped rear-engined) vehicles as „T1, T2 and T3“ since the introduction of the T4 (1990s front-wheel-drive vans) because Type 1 (Beetle and derivatives) Type 2 (all VW vans before the T25) and Type 3 (1500/1600 Fastback, Variant & Notchback) have existed as names since the vehicles were first made!
Don’t trust them! I’ve read 1984, and rewriting history never has good motives!

27 12 2017

By the way.. The side-doors were always like that on RHD splits… LHD doors used the wrong way round!
The exception was Brazilian-made „Fleetline“ splits for South Africa in the 1970s.. They bothered to make proper RHD mirror-imaged doors!

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