All Around Australia in a Campervan

27 01 2012

About eleven years ago, and around the same time when I met my lovely wife in Berlin and she started her life as a campervan co-driver, her brother Clayton met Megan, his future wife, in Australia. And as things go, she also owned a T2b VW campervan. Together with their two dogs, Dragon and Maudie, they started on a road trip all the way around Australia which took them about a year and covered 36000 km. The journey went from Geelong in Victoria via Adelaide in South Australia, Perth and Broome in Western Australia to Darwin in the Northern Territory, and then via Mount Isa, Cairns, and Brisbane in Queensland and Melbourne in Victoria back to Geelong. Except for defect cylinder heads (replaced in Port Lincoln, quite at the beginning of the trip) and the regular oil changes and valve adjustments, their faithful kombi, a white 1976 2L/70 h.p. T2b bus, needed no further work and brought them safely from start to end. To avoid new problems with the cylinder heads, they did the whole trip at a friendly speed of maximum 80 km/h and with regular breaks to avoid engine overheating. Below are some photos from along the way. Check out this cool kombi in full travel gear, including water buffalo horns at the front of the roof rack and a trailer for more equipment (and lots of dog food).
Sadly, they had to part with the kombi in 2006, but the bus is still alive and kicking in the Geelong area and the new owner seems to have given her a full restoration, including a new blue-and-white paint job and a new engine.

Through the Nullabor Plain in the Great Sandy Dessert, on the way from Adelaide to Perth.

At the Coopers Beer Brewery in Adelaide, South Australia.

At the start of the longest straight road of Australia (in Western Australia, between Balladonia and Caiguna, on the way from Adelaide to Perth).

Camping in the outback just out of Madiura. Note the wire mesh on the kombi to protect the front windscreen from dirt and stones (and in one case a plague of locusts).

Another stopover, at Noble Falls, 50 km east of Perth. Cool buffalo horns on the roof rack.



One response

28 01 2012

I’ve got a 78 vw bus, not a camper but I’ve got a bed in the back. They are the best for road trips! I have had many adventures and break downs in mine, but I’ll love him forever. I’ve had him since I was 15 and I swear I’ll never sell him. 😀 Great photos. 🙂

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