T1 Dormobile Campervan

5 02 2012

Here is a T1 Campervan we spotted some days ago at a caravan park at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel peninsula, on New Zealand’a North Island. A 1966 camper conversion, probably from Dormobile as the pop up roof hinges to the side of the car. Each car in New Zealand has an official registration sticker on the windscreen which shows year and model. This here is listed as “1966 Volkswagen Caravanette”. Interestingly, from 1964 on, split-window/T1 buses and bay window/T2 buses are meant to have the same back lid. Looks at least similar on the photo below.

Updated, 17.02.2012: Turns out this kombi is also from Classic Campers. It is their flag ship, Van 1. What a great bus!

Our T2b campervan and the splittie side by side.



One response

22 03 2013
Camper Pamper

Beautiful camper and I’m loving the extra space this model gives 🙂

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