New Zealand Bay Window Devon Camper

7 02 2012

We are on the ferry from Wellington on the North Island to Picton on the South Island of New Zealand. And at the top of the line of cars waiting for boarding was this beautiful 1973 bay window campervan. It is Devon conversion with the same pop-up roof as our 1975 Devon camper. The inside looks a bit different from our bus, no cooker and no sink unit, but two sitting benches in the back. I have just met the owners while walking around and rocking our baby daughter asleep on the passenger deck. Kirk and Jan, a lovely American/New Zealand couple in their early sixties who live in Seattle and have recently started to spend part of their time in New Zealand, Jan’s home country. They have been driving Vokswagens for all their lives, beetles, buses, a Karman Ghia, but are still most in love with the buses. They bought this one, with the 1600 cc/50 HP engine, about a year ago here in New Zealand and had it for a long time at the panel beater, getting the body in good shape again. It also just got a new paint job and now really looks fantastic.



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