“Bulli” Special Edition

31 03 2012

Here is something for the VW bus nerds. Not very cool, but perhaps interesting: Some time ago I blogged about the various names for Volkswagen buses in German and in English. Perhaps weird to the English native speaker, but the German term for all VW buses is “Bulli”. The general idea is that Bulli was derived from a combination of bus and delivery van (in German “Bus und Lieferwagen“), but Wikipedia states that the term was coined VW-internally even before it was used by the public and that it referred to the work horse qualities of this all-purpose vehicle (“like a bull”). But VW was not allowed to use this name officially as another German company, Kässbohrer, had both “Bully” and “bulli” trademarked for their snow groomers, the Pistenbully. Only in 2007, on the occasion of the 60th birthday of the VW Bus, Kässbohrer agreed to sell the trademarks to Volkswagen. Wikipedia mentions this episode only on the German version of the VW Bus entry. To celebrate this event, Volkswagen released the special edition (German: Sondermodell) “Bulli” of the T5. In my earlier post, I could not find any pictures on the web, but now I bumped into one of these in our street. So here are some pics of this Sondermodell.



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