Rear Safety Belts Installed

1 04 2012

Today I finally got around to install two three-point safety belts for the rear which I had bought almost two years ago. I ordered the first set for about 70 € from, then learnt from the manual that they actually came from JustKampers originally, so bought the second set directly from them. They are generic belts but come with a very helpful extra sheet which explains in detail how and where to install them in a VW T2 campervan. They also come with a 30 cm extension which will be required once I replace the original bench with a rock-and-roll bed/bench.

Taiga Lily features already all three mounting points (red arrows in photo below), though the upper one, directly under the window, was hidden under the head liner and had to be cut open. The lower mounting points on the wheel house were rusted through when we bought the bus. The panel was cut out and new attachment points were welded in at a local garagge (see the older post).

Upper mounting point.

Safety belt fixed to the mounting points.

The back rest of the bench is bolted with 4 screws to the side walls and to the wall of the engine bay. The seat of the back bench stands on its own feet which originally were attached to the floor via a hook and an appropriate mounting point in the floor panel. With my belief that the floor of a campervan should have an insulation mat and a wooden floor panel on top, I had blocked the access to these mounting points. As a quick fix, I bolted the feet with pipe clamps to the wooden floor. In the long run, I plan to actually bolt these clamps through the wooden floor, and perhaps even through the floor panel, to fix the bench really solidly to the car. But for the moment, the back bench is finally mounted and the seat belts are in. I will check tomorrow whether the baby capsule does fit. If the belt is too short, one of the extension belts from the kit will be added.

Bench feet bolted down with pipe clamps.

Bench back in place and with safety belts.

Leon Dog Wonder beta-testing.



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1 04 2012

Great pic of Leon!

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