Carburetor Problem, Again…

13 04 2012

Bit of a worry some days ago: The engine started dribbling oil onto the street. When I checked the oil level, it was not too little but way too much in there… I had topped up the oil with half a liter some week before, but just so that it was at the upper level, not way above. We towed the car to a garage and it turned out one of the two carburetors had a leaky or sticky float needle valve (Schwimmernadelventil). This resulted in the carburetor being flooded with petrol, and after that probably two of the four cylinders were also flooded. From where the petrol must have leaked into the engine block, and then a mixture of oil and petrol had started sipping out of the overful engine. No luck with the carburators of this bus so far – a piece of the carburetor which had broken off and hammered into the cylinder had caused the beginning of the end of the original engine, and later the carburetor had already flooded once. Anyway, the garage fixed the carburator needle valve and exchanged the oil, and things are fine again. Googling for this problem produced this help page where the same problem is described. The fix is to put in a new needle valve which the garage has done. Hope this will be ok now for a couple of years…



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