Door Air Channels Added

19 05 2012

When we bought Taiga Lily in July 2010 the doors were completely stripped, without any glasses, window frames, handles and inner mechanisms. I put them together again in December 2010 and added the speakers in July 2011. What was still missing were the air channels which direct the warm air from under the dashboard over the doors to the passenger cabin in the back. They also act as arm rests which are pretty nice to have, too. The bus actually came with two sets of door panels, a worn out, dirty and broken one which still had the channels attached and was probably the original set. And a second set of almost new ones without the channels, but with all holes already pre-cut to install them. So some three weeks ago I finally got around to unscrew the channels from the old panels, give them a good scrub to remove the dust of 30+ years and then put them on the new door panels. A little bit of luxury in this minimalistic car!



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3 10 2012
Dividing walls completed « Campervan Crazy

[…] pieces (part number 221259205) which bridge the gap to the hot air channels on the front doors (added in May). Finally the two original rubber mats, with some cracks but clean again after a thorough scrub […]

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