Wax-Sealed, At Last

2 06 2012

Last November I had to rush things to get Taiga Lily road worthy and registered as a historic vehicle so that I could legally drive her within downtown Berlin. Now I have started to fix some of the quick solutions in a more permanent way. One of them was the overall wax sealing of all internal cavities. I am now part-time back at work, part-time baby-sitting our now eight-month-old daughter. No chance to get more time intensive things done quickly on my own, so I got the wax sealing done by Beetle Clinic, an air-cooled Volkswagen garage in Berlin. To reduce costs, I did all the disassembling of the car myself on the first weekend of May: All wall panels, door panels and underlying insulations mats went out again and I delivered a mostly naked Taiga Lily to the garage. I got her back a week later and about 10 kg of Mike Sanders wax heavier in mid-May. This rust prevention grease is heated up before application and then crawls into every corner of the cavities. Since mid-May I try to find some time on the weekends to put her back together again. More of this later. It is a bit of a shame that with wax sealing one spends quite some time and money, but afterwards everything looks just like before. On the bright side, this should keep the rust in check, or from developing at all, for the next couple of years. Below some shots of the excess wax dribbling from the car. More photos of the fully re-assembled and further improved interior hopefully soon on this channel.

All side panels and back bench out again for wax sealing. Yellow stuff in back door is sealing wax I had applied in August 2010.

Excess wax running out of opening at lower end of B-pillar.

Lower end of the sliding door.

Nasty surprise: The left side skirt leaked sealing wax – apparently welded at some time in the past and not properly sealed to the interior. Now the hot wax found its way out. Needs to be fixed in the future.



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