Plywood Panels at Ceiling and Back Lid Completed

23 06 2012

I got a lot done in the car in the last 4 weeks but had no time to blog about it. So in the next few days I will catch up with the events. I am rebuilding Taiga Lily with the ceiling and all side walls in the back section insulated with Reimo Xtreme insulation mats and covered with panels made from 4mm poplar plywood. It is light and relatively flexible, so can be bent to fit the curves of the ceiling and walls. It was also close to the original Volkswagen panels of the Old Lady where I did the same procedure 17 years ago. As a panel van, the Old Lady came with walls covered with (quite ugly looking) 4 or 5 mm fiber board panels painted in some shade of gray. At the time I took those as templates for the plywood copies. So now it is also plywood for Taiga Lily. I like the way it ages and slowly acquires a darker patina, and it is a great view when you lay in the (still to be constructed) bed in the back of the bus at the light of a lantern and the ceiling and walls reflect the light in a very warm and cozy way.
Last November I managed to get all panels cut to seize, sanded, painted with some wax-glaze paint and installed just in time to get the whole car complete and ready for the registration as a classic car. Where I cheated a bit was the two large panels for the ceiling which I installed non-sanded and untreated, and the panel for the back lid which I took directly from the Old Lady. For the wax sealing the complete interior now had to be taken out and then re-installed, so I sanded the ceiling panels, then covered them with wax glaze (AquaClou Wachslasur W11). I did that with the panels still fixed to the ceiling because last November it needed two people and quite some work to get them bent into position and screwed to the ceiling. But sanding and painting over your head turned out to be tough work as well.

Ceiling panels, now sanded and wax-glazed.

I also made a new plywood panel for the back lid so that the old one can now go back into the Old Lady, and I sanded and coated this new panel as well. This time with an older jar of Clou wax glaze, not yet water-based but with organic solvents. Turns out the water-based glaze is big progress. Painting the small panel with the old stuff on the balcony, in the open air, already gave me a headache. I cannot imagine the stink it would have caused had I painted the very large ceiling panels in the enclosed space of the car with the older paint.

Plywood panels for the back lid, upper one from the Old Lady, a bit dirty and with 17 years of patina. Lower one brand new, for Taiga Lily.

Back lid and side walls with panels removed for wax sealing…

… and after reassembly, with a new plywood panel.

Wax glaze used for ceiling and most side wall panels.



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3 07 2012

Looks great!

3 07 2012


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