Porta Potti Box Installed

27 06 2012

Now the box for the Porta Potti is properly installed in the bus as well. I borrowed this box from the Old Lady, our first bus which currently has a time out and waits for better times and a restoration. It also doubles as a seat opposite the future kitchen block. It is made from 1cm birch multiplex plates and fits so tightly around our Porta Potti that one cannot pull it out but has to pull the box up instead. This made the fixing to the car not easy, but in the end I went for two wooden bars which are bolted with M6 stainless steel machine bolts through the floor plate into drive-in nuts. And the box is then bolted to these bars with two M6 machine bolts on each side. Should keep it in place when we roll the car in an accident, but I still have to add some solid lock or bolt to the lid so that it can not not open in an acccident. In the Old Lady, I had placed the box directly against the back wall of the right wheel housing, behind the passenger seat. Now I have left about 12 cm of space which I will block off with boards left and right. The section between box and wheelhousing will then serve as storage space, e.g. for water bottles which can be reached from the driver’s seat. Let’s see how this will work out.

Added Feb 5, 2015: Just saw that another web site has linked to this blog post: If you want to learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts of camper toilets, click to www.campingtoilette-guenstig.de (though in German).



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29 12 2015
Porta Potti 2.0 | Campervan Crazy

[…] for our first kombi. When the Old Lady was retired in 2010, I borrowed the box for Taiga Lily and fixed it more thoroughly to the base plate. In the meantime I have added an aluminum frame along one edge to protect it from […]

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