Side Wall Panels Finally All in Place

30 06 2012

I completed the last wall, opposite the sliding door: The usual procedure with two layers of Reimo 2cm Xtreme insulation mats, then a plastic foil as moisture barrier and the plywood panel. Hidden in the insulation mats are the cables for future loudspeakers in the back, and two cables to provide a 12V connection for the water pump of the future kitchen block. I added attachment points for the kitchen block in the middle of the side wall, by using two vertical metal cross bars which originally were the attachment points for an side arm rest for a middle bench. I placed a piece of wood behind these, with 8 mm holes and 6 mm drive-in nuts hammered into the back in the right distance so that the original holes in the metal bars can now be used to bolt the kitchen block into these drive-in nuts. They can also serve as attachment points to lash the dog transport box to the wall when the kitchen block is not in use.
I also got the plywood panels for the walls behind the driver’s and passenger seats installed, the back bench in and also a third safety belt installed for the middle seat of the back bench (2-point belt from JustKampers). I still need to cut out the openings for the air vents in the panels behind the front seats, but that has to wait a bit. Next bigger projects are getting the radio in and building the rock-and-roll bed/bench combination for the back.

Wall opposite sliding door without wall panel.

Piece of wood with two drive-in nuts…

… and in its place in the side wall, with two bolts screwed in.

Side wall with insulation in place.

With plastic foil added as moisture barrier.

Now with plywood cover panel back in place.

Wall to the front cabin, without panels…

… and now covered with plywood panels.

Inside walls finally complete!

Back bench back in the bus, and all walls covered.



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3 10 2012
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[…] slowly get all pieces back into their places. Now I cut out round openings into the plywood panels (added in June) to fit two shutters for the heating vents. The shutters (imprinted VW part number 211 259 473) […]

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