Radio Finally In

2 07 2012

Last Saturday I finally got around getting the radio into the car. I had installed the antenna already in December 2010, had pulled all the cables for the speakers, antenna and 12V connection through the A column up to the roof in July 2011 and had sealed it all off with a roof panel in November 2011. At that time without building the radio in because Taiga Lily quickly had to look complete. Now I finally cut the roof panel open and installed the radio overhead in an off-the-shelf black plastic rack. It all looks less good then I hoped, mainly because the roof panel is not plywood but cheaper white fiber board. I went for this as a test run and temporary solution in November because I wasn’t sure how the bending of the panel would work. At some point this fiber board will go and will serve as a template for a nice plywood panel and then everything will look slightly more refined. But for the time being it’s great to have some music in the van.

Taiga Lily, with antenna in front of the A column

Ceiling before radio went in…

With opening for radio cut out…

… and with radio installed overhead.



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