Splittie Camper Stitching Project

8 07 2012

The July 2012 issue of the UK-based embroidery magazine CrossStitcher features two stitched VW campervans on its cover. Thanks to DrJ, my lovely wife, for buying it for me. Now it’s my turn to sit down and stitch them. Or at least one of them. I guess the orange one would go nicely with Taiga Lily’s sage green, on a pillow or curtain. And it would make the bus also somewhat more interesting for our baby daughter. Will keep you updated when I start this new project. DrJ is actually more interested in stitching than campervans. She’s an embroiderer who experiments with some cool advanced techniques and she also designs unusual cross stitch patterns and runs courses in Berlin. If you happen to be into embroidery and are interested in doing some unusual stuff, check out her Stitchalicious web site and her ETSY shop.

Photo of the cover of CrossStitcher (Issue 254, July 2012).

Detail, CrossStitcher cover, July 2012.

Detail, CrossStitcher cover, July 2012.



4 responses

26 04 2014
Érika Costa

Q lindo! Perfeito!

26 04 2014

Thanks for coming by and liking the post!

24 11 2014
Rebecca woodward

Have u got the actual pattern of It

24 11 2014

No, you would have to buy the magazin. I would hope it is still available via the publishing company’s web page.

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