Rock And Roll Bench, Part 2: All Coming Together

26 07 2012

I started with cutting the outer edges of the front panel to follow the curvature of the walls of the bus. Then I test-assembled all pieces, but with the side panels rotated by 90° so that the bench was too high. From this model I measured how high the bed level will be and how much I had to lower the side walls and the attachment points for the hinges to get it all level with the engine compartment in our kombi. Also, this model allowed to measure how far the bed was protruding backwards so that I could start planning how much forward in the bus I could place the bench to get the longest possible sleep area.

Front panel already adjusted to curvature of the bus side walls. Side panels still too high, to check how much they need to go down.

I then took of the hinges and upper part off again, cut down the side panels and cut out a first section for the rear wheel housing, reassembled the front and side panels and took it into the bus to measure how much more I had to cut out of the side panels to adjust them to the wheel housings. Then the whole bench was put together, now for the first time with all pieces in the right place/with the right hight, and placed in the car for fine-tuning.

First test placement in the car.

Curvature of side panel at the rear wheel housing not right yet.

First test placement of the fully assembled bench in the bus.



4 responses

19 02 2015

Hi! I am looking at building a seat myself and your posts have been the most helpful I have come across. I have never built anything before but figure I’m a pretty savvy gal and should be able to figure it out with a little help. Could you provide me with the measurements of your wood panels? I had a brief look at the link you provided for the instructions but I’m from Australia and the instructions were German I think. Your help would be much much appreciated!

22 02 2015

Hi, thanks for coming by this blog! I am glad you find the posts on the bench useful. This bench building spread over quite some time, with us moving flat inbetween, and I misplaced the pieces of paper with the measurements somewhere along the way. Probably best if I just go to my bus and re-measure everything for you. Wanted to do this anyway to complete the series of posts with a post on exactly these details. But will get around to do this only the coming weekend or even a week later (she is in winter sleep in a garage a bit away from our place). Will get back to you then! Best wishes, Roman

22 02 2015

thanks roman your a legend!

8 03 2015

Dear Bek, I have now measured the boards I have used to built the rock-and-roll bed/bench: (1) Front board: width x hight x depth is 155 cm x 36 cm x 1,5 cm. So it was cut out at a DIY market from a 1.5 cm thick plate of birch multiplex wood, and probably at the beginning a bit wider, e.g. 160 instead of 155 cm, because you then have to adjust the left and right ends to follow the curve of the side walls of the kombi. It will be best to re-measure all these values in your bus, because the exact width will e.g. also depend on with what kind of panels you have covered the side walls. (2) The side panels: Again 1.5 cm thick birch multiplex wood, two boards cut in the DIY market, 36 cm (hight) x 33.5 cm (depth). You will have to cut out the curve for the rear wheel housing (see the photos in the blog post from 26.7.2012). (3) Bench, sitting board: w x h x d = 136.5 cm x 49.5 cm x 2.1 cm, so here I used the next stronger version of the board to make sure it will not bend when one sits on it. (4) bench, back rest board: w x h x d = 136 cm x 45 cm x 2.1 cm. At the end of the German manual (, there are a few pages where the exact measures are given. Some do not fit to mine (their overall width of front board, bench and backrest all seems to be 10 cm wider than what I used inthe end. But if I remember correctly I followed most other details quite exactly. Especially with respect to the exact placements of the holes needed to attach the hinges to the side walls and to the sitting board and backrest board. Hope this will help to get you started!

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