Rock And Roll Bench, Part 3: Final Steps

26 07 2012

Now the seat board is complete, with an opening cut out as a handle for when the bench is pulled into a bed, with two brackets attached which will keep it horizontal when in bed-position, and with it being sanded and coated with varnish twice. All the other boards will be treated at some point in the future. Now there was just not enough time because the bed has to be functional for the Berlin VW Bus Festival starting on July 27.

The final positioning of the bench in the bus was as far forward as possible to get the maximum bed length (in the end 186 cm). But that meant that that an attachment point at the rear end of each of the hinges was not touching the tilted front wall of the engine bay, but showed a gap of about four to five centimeters. Ideally, it would touch the panel so that one can drill a hole through it and attach each hinge firmly to the car. The final solution will be to take the hinges out again and get an extension welded to them so that they do touch the wall. As a quick solution, I now bridged the gap with a wooden bar that runs from the left to the right hinge, with a screw that goes into a 6mm drive-in nut on the back of the bar. The bar is then fixed to the engine compartment via two existing attachment points which are for the back rest of the original back bench (red arrows in last photo below). So at least there is no extra hole drilled into the body.

Unwanted gap between hinge and back wall (front wall of the engine bay) highlighted by red arrow.



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