Rock And Roll Bench, Part 4: Done!

27 07 2012

Now the bench is complete. Last step was to bolt the side panels of the bench through the floor to the car. I used two of the four bolts I had put in some weeks ago to fix the floor plate solidly to the car. The rear two bolts were within the footprint of the bench, so with the right brackets they are now also holding the bench to the car. The idea is that Taiga Lily will have a temporary campervan conversion: Unscrewing the bench from the brackets on the floor and from the two attachment points on the engine bay will allow to take the rock and roll bench out, and another 12 bolts will then bring the original back bench in again. But for the moment, it is great to have a bus again that can be used as a campervan! Tomorrow we will start to the Berlin Bus Festival, for a three day camping weekend.

Before: The original back bench…

… and now with rock and roll bench…

… and pulled out to form the bed.

What is still missing are cushions for the seat and backrest and for the area above the engine bay which also will serve as a mattress for the bed. For the time being we borrowed the cushions for the seat and backrest from the Old Lady, our older bus. On top of that we will put an Ikea mattress, also from the Old Lady, which fits behind the back rest when folded once in the middle. With these cushions, the whole unit is starting to look comfy! Nice side effect is also that with the mattress and the cushions in place, the engine is quite less noisy.

For those interested in more details: The complete bench is quite heavy, turns out to weigh about 31 kg. Below are some more snapshots: The side walls are each bolted through the floor using a bracket and an 8mm machine bolt (very large washer). A second bracket on each side is just screwed into the floor plate Turned out the distance of nine centimeter between the side wall of the bus and the side panel of the bench was indeed crucial: With this distance, the bench can be folded without crashing against the roll-up units of the three-point-seatbelts which are fixed to the side walls just behind the back rest.

Rear safety belt (right side of the bus)

Safty belt, left side.

Position with regard to sliding door.



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