“Best Van” goes to Scotland!

30 07 2012

A first post from the 5. Berlin VW Bus Festival which ended yesterday. For the second time in five years a T2 has won the show and shine competition. The price went to Gavin from Inverness, Scotland, and to Bucket, his 1973 T2b which he had rescued over the last three years from almost certain death by rust. The bus now comes in matt black with a purple roof and dashboard, the front indicators have been moved and replaced by small round ones from a Landrover, the backlights by larger round ones (not sure from which type of car). The air vents at the front now show the name of the van and two scottish flags, cut out of polished stainless steel and back-lit in white and blue. The clocks in the dashboard come from a Mini. There are nicely finished buttons for the horn and to start the engine. And the bus comes on Porsche Fuchs wheels. Gavin fitted a Dormobile fold-up roof with a dark blue tarp which shows the scottish flag on the side when folded up. The original engine was replaced by a Subaru flat four boxer engine, mainly for improved fuel economy. Gavin was beaten in the bus-with-longest-way-to-the-festival competition by one of his mates from Inverness who happened to live half a mile further away from Berlin. Great that he then made it for the best bus instead! It probably also helped that he came on the stage wearing a kilt – Germans generally have a soft spot for Scotland and for men in kilts…

Gavin and Bucket on stage at the show and shine competition.



2 responses

8 08 2012
gavin rafferty

lov that bus 🙂

16 09 2012
Campervan Rental in the Scottish Highlands « Campervan Crazy

[…] we met Gavin and his winning bus at the Berlin VW Bus Festival in August, we learnt about another VW bus rental: Happy Highland […]

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