A Quite Unique Coffee Van

5 08 2012

One of the things to look forward to at the Berlin VW Bus Festival is a good latte macchiato at LeCabu’s coffee bar. Which, true to the occasion, comes in the form of a Volkswagen van, and probably one of a kind: Originally built for a private canteen provider serving the German Army, she was designed to accompany the troops during their yearly maneuvers in the field. The basis was therefore a 1990 four-wheel drive single cabin T3 Syncro. I am not very good with T3s and Syncros, but apparently the Syncros came in two varieties, the more common 14-inch version (41,330 buses produced) and the much rarer 16-inch heavy duty Syncro version for more serious off-road requirements (only about 2138 buses built). And this one is one of the 16-inch buses, so the real thing for the hard core Syncro fan. The current owner bought her some years ago under the promise that he would keep the original food van conversion alive, and that’s what he did. She got this funky looking retro surfer paint job and is now a rolling coffee bar, based in Düsseldorf, but you can meet her on VW meetings all over Germany. The photos are from last weekend’s 5th Berlin VW Bus Festival.



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