On The Road in the Czech Republic

13 08 2012

We decided quite spontaneously to join friends on a week of holidays in the Czech Republic. So we all hopped on the bus yesterday and went southwards. We had a moment of worry when at a rest place smoke was coming out of the air inlets in the back. Turned out the wax sealing pumped into the frame around the engine three months ago now had started to melt, and some wax had probably dropped onto hot exhaust parts and started smoking. Somehow the smoke had gone into the air vents and then came out of the fan of the old aditional petrol heating system, in the engine bay. It all stopped when we drove a little slower (90 to 100 km/h instead of 105 to 115 km/h) where the engine temperature was more around 80 to 90 than 100°C. We passed the German-Czech border after 240 km and 3.5 hours from Berlin. The border is fully open and we only had to stop for a moment to buy a vignette for the Czech highways. A fantastic sunny summer day, but again a bit of a stressful ride, with the baby not being too happy to sit in her capsule for hours, and still no window in the back that can be opened. We reached Prague after five hours and about 350 km. We noticed a bit too late that Google Maps was taking us actually through the Old Town of Prague and not around via the ring road. On the plus side we got a first view of the beautiful city of Prague on a sunny early summer evening. After about nine hours and 540 km we arrived in Kaplice, near České Budějovice/Budweis (where the Budweiser Budvar beer comes from) and already close to the Czech-Austrian border. Hotel Zamicek is a restored large villa originally built as the estate of a German industrialist at the turn of the 19th century. It is about two kilometers outside Kaplice, in a forest-covered and hilly region of South Bohemia. This morning we had a first nice walk with three kids and two dogs along the creek which passes the hotel. All quite lovely and relaxing.

Taiga Lily proudly carrying her new Czech Autobahn Vignette

Hotel Zamecek, an old villa in Kaplice in South Bohemia.

Leon enjoying the summer.



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